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Hey everyone! So I have been trying to change my profile picture for a while now and every time I go to press "save" I get redirected to a page that says I'm being flagged for spam. I have no idea why that is happening because I have not added anything that would be considered as spam.. Help would be appreciated if possible. :P

2012 CMA Fest

This year was my first year going to CMA Fest and it was everything I expected plus more. I did not expect to "meet" Randy twice but I was very happy that I did! I met him at the convention center and then after he was done performing. Like the first time I met him, he was extremely nice and I was so excited! He even remembered meeting me.. He asked me "have we met before" and at that moment I just about died. ;P

2012 CMT Awards Voting

Hey guys!

I don't know about you all but I was bummed not seeing Randy up for a CMT Award.

I was hoping you may be able to help me out and send a vote for Rascal Flatts! They are nominated for 3 awards-- VOTY, GVOTY, CVOTY - and vote TODAY!



Randy Montana Interview at Christmas For Kids

Picture 6.png

Randy was at the Christmas 4 Kids benefit recently & he talk about recording new music!:



Thanks for coming to JMU.  What a talented man you are and your band is absolutely great.  I have to admit that you were an unknown to my husband and I, until we saw you last night.  We will now encourage everyone we encounter to see you and buy your music.  You are going places and we are happy that we were able to catch on to you at this stage in your career.  Love your CD.  It's so easy to listen to.  Wow, we are very happy we came to your show.  Your natural talent is just refreshing for country music lovers. 

Randy Montana concert on saturday :)

 Sooo.. i saw Randy Montana on saturday, which i had to beg my family to take me to because it was almost a 3 hour drive! but it totally was worth it! i won meet and greets off of here and so it was just great! it you ever get the opportunity to go to one of his concerts than go see him! he is AMAZING! 

Thank you Randy for being amazing at life.. :P <3


follow my fan page for him on twitter if you have one:


2011 CMT Awards!

DON'T FORGET! Rascal Flatts is nominated for 3 CMT AWARDS! Video of the Year ("Why Wait"), Group Video of the Year ("Why Wait"), and Collaborative Video of the Year ("That Should Be Me" with Justin Bieber)! Please vote for them at EVERYDAY through June 7th! Let's get the boys these awards! They deserve them!

Request Rascal Flatts new single "I WON'T LET GO"!

Hey There!

I am totally loving Randy's single, 1000 Faces! 

I'm also a big fan of Rascal Flatts and their new single is out now too!

So everyone take a minute and call your local radio station and request "1,000 Faces" and "I Won't Let Go"! 

Let's get these to the top of the charts!

a month ago feels like just yesterday

I had the chance to meet Randy Montana a month ago in Charlotte. Yet having his autographed picture in my room and his music on my ipod it feels as if it was just yesterday. I loved it!!!! Randy Montana is Awsome! i cant wait to see him in his own concert!!

Enjoyed Your Concert

I must admit I had to be "convinced" to attend. But I was glad my friends insisted. What a great show! I just may become a country music buff after all.

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